We Had a Good Morning

I wish that wasn’t noteworthy but lately in our house, good stress-free, no-tension mornings just don’t happen very often.
I just had a pang of guilt and teensy twinge of shame seeing that in writing but I’m willing to bet that is true of many households where you’re trying to get two parents to work, a kiddo or two or three to school and a baby or two or three to daycare. 
On top of that, things have been kinda rough around our house where Brooke is concerned.  There’s been a lot of back-talk, attitude, defiance…all kinds of fun stuff.  So even a simple request to get dressed or asking what she would like for breakfast could turn into a yelling match. 

(Again, that pang and twinge just got me but I have a feeling more than one someone reading this can relate.)
In an attempt to get some peace in our house, I consulted a book that recommended first and foremost, at least 10 minutes of regular daily alone time with your kiddo.  I had really struggled with how to make that work when our after work/school routine left very little free time, let alone time I could devote to just Brooke with Leah being in a very hands-on stage.  Then I had threw around the idea to find time into our morning.  Again, finding a pocket of time in the morning seemed impossible but I didn’t know how else I was going to swing it. 
So the past couple mornings, I’ve gotten up a few minutes earlier to have breakfast with Brooke before school.  I usually eat breakfast at my desk when I get into the office and would be packing Leah’s daycare bag or my pump bag or something while Brooke had hers before school.  She always looked lonely at that big dining room table alone but I had stuff to do, ya know?
Pancake Breakfast with my big girl this morning!
Yesterday morning was our first before school/work breakfast together.  It wasn’t the smoothest morning.  She really fought me on getting ready at all and I quickly grew frustrated.  Once she’d woken up though, things got rolling.  Today, it took much less convincing to get moving and even though Leah decided to get up early and interrupt our meal, it was a great morning.  There was even time to work on a photo a day challenge together!
And now, because I wrote this, I’m prepared for tomorrow to be hard again.  Cross your fingers that it’s another good one for me!!
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Bringing Family Together with Starbucks Holiday Blend {Giveaway}

I was provided a bag of Starbucks Holiday Blend ground coffee and a mug in return for my participation in this campaign with Modern Moms and Starbucks. Any and all opinions shared are my own.

During our holiday trip last week, we bounced from house to house spending a night or two here and then a night or two there. Some mornings there were big family breakfasts and some mornings every one fended for themselves depending on their plans for the day.

But the one constant at every house – there was always coffee brewing.  And it was more than just a jolt of caffeine or something to warm to drink on a cold Michigan morning.

It’s a common thread among households, families, people at all ages and stages of life.

It breeds togetherness as folks gather by the coffee maker waiting for the last drip to fall so they can fill their mug.

It’s an excuse to slow down from the hustle of holiday plans and chores and check in with each other.

For the holiday season, Starbucks offers its Holiday Blend.

The holidays are full of surprises—especially this reimagined Starbucks® Holiday Blend. Our newest creation is crafted with vibrant Latin American and smooth Indonesian coffees. The result is complex yet approachable, elegant yet versatile, hearty yet smooth. It’s a balance of herbal and sweet maple notes that pairs beautifully with everything your holiday season has in store for you.

Before I even brewed the coffee, I thought the aroma was amazing. The flavor is quite mild so I might experiment with an extra scoop or two next time. I’m typically a flavored creamer or milk kind of girl but I enjoyed the Holiday Blend black as well.

Starbucks was gracious enough to provide another bag of Holiday Blend ground coffee and mug to one of my readers! To enter, leave a comment below telling me what activities bring your family together at the holidays – cookie decorating, movies, driving around looking for lights????

I will pick a winner on Monday, January 6th.

Friday Nights

I love Friday nights…

Bottles can stay in the drying rack…don’t need them til Monday.

No lunches to pack…we’ll eat at home tomorrow.

Don’t have to race to have diapers washed, dried and stuffed before bed…they can wait until morning.

Instead, I’ll get comfy on the couch with the Hubs and enjoy a night off.

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