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Weekly Meal Plan & Goals – November 9, 2015 2

Welcome to my weekly meal plan & goals. The main purpose of these posts are for my own record keeping & accountability however I hope others can find them useful as well.

Weekly Meal Plan & Goals

Like always seems to happen to me, after a couple good weeks of meal plans I get complete planners block. I have just no idea what to cook for dinner the upcoming week. Saturday I carved out some time to go through my folder of recipes to make sure there weren’t any go-to recipes I’d forgotten to enter into my Plan to Eat recipe book. While I did come across some that needed to be imported, I still felt stumped.

My biggest hurdle was Monday night. Every other Monday is Girl Scouts night. We have to be at the meeting at 6pm. The girls and I typically get home around 5:30pm after work/school/daycare. The meeting lasts until at least 7pm. Not really enough time for dinner before hand and after the meeting is kinda late for us since we typically start bedtime routines as close to 7pm as possible.

And most weeks it really isn’t too much of an issue because at some point Keith will take Leah and they can have dinner while Brooke & I are at her meeting. Then she & I will eat a quick dinner when we get back home. Not an ideal situation but good enough.

Unfortunately, Keith’s first women’s basketball game conflicts and mama is tacking it solo. I had to come up with a solution that would allow us to get home, eat and be ready to head back out in 20 minutes. I tried to find a slow cooker dinner but nothing would work and I thought were gonna end up with PB&Js for dinner.

Then, during worship at church, the perfect idea popped into my head – salad in a jar!! All the ingredients could be prepped & assembled, didn’t need to be heated up and the girls are pretty much guaranteed to eat (please don’t say I jinxed it!) especially since I cooked up some taco meat to make them into Taco Salads!!

Once I got that figured out, the rest of the week seemed to easily fall into place.


Eggs in lots of different forms – scrambled, fried, in a hole, hard-boiled
Peanut butter toast
Bagels w/ Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese (LOVE when Aldi has this!!!)




Taco Salads in a Jar
One Pot Spaghetti
Mexican Pizza (post on this hopefully soon!)
Grilled Cheese (easy for swim class night)
Chili for cook-off at church

This menu plan is linked to Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday link up.

Next we have the progress (or lack of) on my goals.

I may have been a little ambitious in my first week and I definitely should have considered that Keith had a super busy week at work and I would be flying solo at home most nights.

I’m not getting discouraged though – with some better preparation I think I’ll see great progress soon.

Mail a “Thinking of You” note to a friend
Bible study 5 of 7 mornings
Lunches packed at night
2 blog posts & 1 video posted
Schedule social media posts the night before
Walk at least 20 minutes 3 of 5 workdays and at least 1 weekend day
One Fit2be session each day (at least 10 minutes)

Going through this I couldn’t cross a single one of these off the list. Not a great start but most of them I did at least once more than I would have otherwise so I’m going to give myself grace and consider that progress.

I’m going to repeat those as my goals for this week and I can say I’ve already got a better start than last week.

Here’s to a great week!!!


Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

School Lunches | October 26-30

We’re back!! After a week of both girls suffering from walking pneumonia and a week off from school, daycare and work, we’ve got new school lunches to show.

This week we took advantage of some leftovers and did something out of the ordinary for me on the day of Brooke’s field trip.

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see upcoming school lunches!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is Back…for 2 Days Only!!

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