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repare for the Week Ahead Tired Mommy Tales blog resize I have this problem where even when I know that doing something is in my best interest, I resist it. I dig my heels in real deep and stomp my feet and have the most epic (figurative) adult temper tantrum.

Then time passes and I’m cursing my past self for not doing the thing that would make life so much easier for my current self. It happens in the morning when I’m mad at myself for not closing Instagram and going to sleep earlier (sometimes Insta-stories are better than TV, y’all!), when I don’t take my contacts out before bed, and on and on.

Clearly, adulting isn’t my strong suit.

The past few weeks, maybe months, I’ve kinda slacked over the weekend. We’ve had plenty of activities keeping up busy but when at home, I spent a little too much time doing lots of nothing. Doing a little bit of nothing is no big deal but I was doing too much nothing.

At first, I was blaming on football season and all the solo parenting that happens this time of year. But the truth is I was just being stubborn.

Then Monday would come and I’d be overwhelmed and stressed when doing a few things to prepare for the week could have alleviated so much of my strife.

So this past Sunday, I put my big girl pants on and made an effort to get ahead before the week started. In the below video you’ll see me do a brain dump to get all my to-dos out of my head and onto paper, get my meal plan set for the week, tackle one thing at a time and lots of meal prep. Lots and lots of meal prep!

What kind of things do you like to accomplish over the weekend so that you can start the week on a good foot?

Weekly Meal Plan & Goals – November 2, 2015

Weekly Meal Plan & Goals – November 2, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a series of pics last Sunday documenting me getting meals prepped for the upcoming week. It was a busy one…we had activities every night from Saturday – Tuesday and all but one involved dressing at least one kid in costume. Even with all that we had going on, due to my planning and prep work ahead of time, we didn’t need to eat out once. That is a huge win in my book!

Even better, I’ve managed to have enough of the prepped food leftover that I could carry over some of the prepped meals into this week’s meal plan. Grocery shopping this weekend was so easy because we pretty much just needed our weekly staples – eggs, bread & produce and that’s it!

meal plan & goals 2015.11.02

So here’s the plan for this week:


Brooke & typically have some form of eggs every morning; scrambled, fried or in a hole


Leftover turkey tenderloin
Leftover salmon burgers
Leftover sweet n’ sour chicken
Creamy tomato tortellini soup


Turkey Tenderloin, mashed potatoes, California medley vegetables
Cheeseburger Pie, frozen corn
Chili & fixins, cornbread
Leftovers or Mexican Pizzas
Grilled Cheese night
Pizza Night

Next up are my goals for the week. Eventually I’d like to have them categorized or organized in some fashion. For today, I brain dumped a few things I’d like to get started with RIGHT NOW. So here goes:

  • Mail a “Thinking of You” note to a friend
  • Bible study 5 of 7 mornings
  • Lunches packed at night
  • 2 blog posts & 1 video posted
  • Schedule social media posts the night before
  • Walk at least 20 minutes 3 of 5 workdays and at least 1 weekend day
  • One Fit2be session each day (at least 10 minutes)

I’ll check in next week and report on how I do accomplishing these goals and share any new goals I’m going to set!!

{Menu Plan Monday} Taming the Chaos

Menu Plan Monday
Last week was pretty insane for me and I have vowed to do what I can to make nights a little easier for me. So I’m back to menu planning!! I’m hopeful that having a menu in mind and knowing that I have all the ingredients I need in the kitchen will bring the stress level down at 5:00 when I have schoolwork, Brooke’s new gymnastics class (!) and the gym on the agenda after dinner.

This week:

Monday: Crack Burgers (via Plain Chicken)
Tuesday: First Gymnastics Class – thinking a little snacky dinner before and another snack after
Wednesday: Meatballs over Noodles (via allrecipes)
Thursday: Taco Night!!!
Friday: Crockpot Lemon Chicken (again Plain Chicken)

Hopefully a little prior planning and prep will lead to a smoother week!!

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