5 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Week

Every Monday morning my Facebook feed is full of Memes and status updates bemoaning the arrival of the first day of the week.  Typically I’m right on board with all of those sentiments and have been known to contribute a few of my own.

However as I woke up today, I find myself not dreading Monday but welcoming it instead. I was excited about the possibilities of the week and energized by them!

Here are 5 things I am looking forward to this week!!
New season of Catastrophe premieres on Friday!

Brooke finishes TNReady testing & has a sleepover for a friend’s birthday!


The promise of Chinese takeout

UGH! Why... WHY? Why must they want dinner EVERY single night!?!

No more strep throat!


Maybe a quick trip to Dollywood this weekend???


None of these are huge momentous events but it’s nice starting the week in a spirit of hope & optimism as opposed to dread and negativity.

What are you looking forward to this week?

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