Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2017 for Working Moms

Generally speaking, I find very little difference in the lives of working moms versus stay-at-home moms. We have to feed kids, provide clean clothes, be sure they are at all the activities, try to have the house in order and maybe sometimes even clean, etc. That being said, there are challenges unique to moms who … Read More

Why I Am Still Pumping After Leah’s First Birthday

Why I Am Still Pumping After Leah’s First Birthday

Pumping isn’t fun. But if you’re a working mom who wants to feed her baby breast milk, you just gotta suck it up and do it. (Pun intended a little) And if you’re an exclusively pumping mama, let me just say right now that I think you are a ROCK.STAR!!!! That level of commitment amazes … Read More

Friday Nights

I love Friday nights… Bottles can stay in the drying rack…don’t need them til Monday. No lunches to pack…we’ll eat at home tomorrow. Don’t have to race to have diapers washed, dried and stuffed before bed…they can wait until morning. Instead, I’ll get comfy on the couch with the Hubs and enjoy a night off.

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